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To promote American Zen Buddhism

Through an understanding of its legendary founder,



Our mission is to promote the understanding of Zen and the appreciation of Bodhidharma as its founder by creating productions and fundraising activities to support Zen in all its forms. Our first production, "The Legend of Bodhidharma," is a 30 minute documentary about the founder of Zen's journey from India to China and of the spread of his teachings ultimately to the West. The film also depicts the relevance of Zen in modern American life through the dramatic portrayal of a young attorney's transformation as he learns to meditate.

The directors and officers of The Bodhidharma Foundation of America are:

Harold J.Stanton, Esq , attorney and film maker
Cappy M. Rothman, M.D., a Los Angeles medical doctor and businessman
Gerry Shishin Wick Roshi, leader of the Great Mountain Zen center




The Legend of

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Learn about the production and see the trailer.
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The Movie Debut at The Lenz Foundation Leadership Conference
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